Our marriage agency achievements in 2015

We can tell you that this year our marriage agency has reached incredible results which have satisfied many people looking for new and stimulating encounters. 2015 marks for us another stage in this adventure that we have been leading for more than twenty years in Italy. This has allowed us to meet thousands of people eager to turn their love life around. Our commitment and competence in sponsoring only real marriage ads have allowed us to make the difference and become for our beneficiaries more than a dating service, but a true benchmark to relate and discover new occasions to engage with the other gender.

What excites us more at the end of this year, are not the achievements of 2015, but the renewed passion with which we intend to face the challenges in the upcoming year! We have in mind new events and many ventures that will help whoever desires to find captivating and interesting Ukrainian girls with whom lay the groundwork to build an enjoyable relationship! We encourage you to follow us next year, hoping for you to have a happy conclusion of 2015 and a new year full of pleasant and intriguing perspectives!

Getting to know Ukrainian girls? This Christmas we leave for Poltava

Have you always wished to meet Ukrainian girls? This Christmas we could bring you to Ukraine for an unforgettable group holiday. The Agenzia Futura is organising a wonderful group trip, defined in every detail: from the flight, to the Hotel and the various daily activities that’ll let you meet more than 50 local girls interested in making new friendships and, why not, meet a special person. Meet Ukrainian girls has never been easier and funnier! What better opportunity of a relaxing Christmas holiday in a suggestive country full of history as Ukraine is. This would be enough to convince anyone! But Agenzia Futura proposes something more: the chance to hang out with interesting, enjoyable and charming girls with whom you can start a pleasant acquaintance!

If you want more details about this unmissable opportunity, contact us through the contact informations available online, we will be happy to explain every detail of this holiday and, if you want, we will insert you in the group that is already getting ready to leave.

We’re waiting for you!

Meeting Ukrainian girls to meet new interesting partners

Your love life is missing incentives and positive feelings? Then the moment has come to get to know Ukrainian girls with whom you can start new friendships and interesting relationships!

All you have to do is contact us through our contact information you can find on our website. Over twenty years of experience let us give value to our beneficiaries expectations in a professional perspective to enhance transparence and seriousness as fundamental principles of our work.

An international web of contacts lets us actively support the search to potential partners based on our beneficiary profile. Who asks for Agenzia Futura’s help, can be sure of meeting Ukrainian girls potentially similar to your character and with similar interests. Our achievements in the last twenty years, talk for us, those achievements that are represented by the happiness and satisfaction of numerous couples that we helped create. For more information do not wait to contact us!

Unforgettable group trip for 4 night in Poltava in July 2015 to find your soulmate!

Great opportunity in July!

Agenzia Futura is happy to offer for his registered beneficiaries a group trip to the unforgettable Poltava where I’ll have the pleasure to assist you personally.

The stay will be of 4 night/5 days from the 16th to the 20th of July. You will stay in a wonderful hotel in the heart of the city. In the morning you will be touring the town, the same evening you will find 50 women from Poltava (translation services included) in a wonderful venue that will offer you buffet and drinks. The day after you will be headed to taste Ukrainian dishes in a peculiar local area. For every need you will have during your stay, you will be assisted by our twin agency in Poltava. This journey will not be your only chance to meet your soulmate, but also a chance to live the local culture, understand the mentality and the spirit o the country. The complete package costs only 960€! For more informations and details do not hesitate to contact us! Check out the pictures below where you can see the city of Poltava, the hotel you will reside in, the venue where you’ll meet the women from the agency in Poltava and the agritourism where you will taste the traditional Ukrainian cuisine.

Meeting Ukrainian girls thanks to our Marriage Agency

Are you tired of waiting for your daily life to give you interesting and pleasurable encounters? Perhaps it’s the time to look for a serious Marriage Agency and change direction to your love life! Have you ever thought about meeting East Europe girls? A fascinating culture from East Europe, often diminished, especially here in Italy. Our Marriage Agency is able to provide interesting encounters with girls or women from the East, according to your interests, with whom you can establish a pleasurable acquaintance… the rest is up to you!

There are many relationships born after meetings that we had set up, which is due to our transparent and professional management of the offered service! In many years of activities we learnt to recognize and value the real needs, the unsaid expectations of our beneficiaries, so that today we can make every single encounter a real opportunity of meeting Ukrainian girls truly interested and intriguing.

We will not leave you alone, we promise you.

You can find prices and information on our website.