I want them all! Unlimited contacts!

It’s not a secret that everyone visiting our website, as soon as they see all the beautiful creatures of the East Europe, suddently want to marry them all! 😀 Unfortunately we are a serious marriage agency and this is not possible… but we can help you in finding the girl that is more similar to your expectations, to build a serious and lasting relationship 🙂

So we are launching this promotion: in addition to the SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM subscriptions… now it exists also the UNLIMITED CONTACTS one! 😀

What is it? It’s very simple. You know that just yesterday we have launched the opportunity to request a direct contact of the girl of your interest, paying 100€ for contact. In the other hand, with the UNLIMITED CONTACTS subscription, you will be able to ask a direct contact unlimited times, every time you will do a video conference, paying less than a GOLD or PLATINUM subscription! The service costs 550€ and will cover the 12 months subscription in our Marriage Agency!

We don’t know for how much time we will keep this promotion, so if you are interested, call us without any obligation!

It’s possible to start with this subscription from the info and costs page 🙂

See also how to pay the UNLIMITED CONTACTS subscription 🙂

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